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Paris, j’arrive ! :D
Paris, here I come! :D

Bande-son : « Running away », Friendly Fires

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In the tram…
That’s it, I’m 60 years old…

Bande-son : « Le sens des affaires », Mustang

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Le Goûter du Printemps – dédicace !

Hey hey, non seulement je reviens mais en plus, pour fêter ça, on organise un goûter dédicace avec mes sœurs !
Pour répondre à l’évènement facebook, c’est par ici.

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En ce moment

L’idée d’acheter un croissant à 1€ (au lieu de 4,50$ !) me réjouit d’avance… :D
I’ve been writing professional emails in english. How should I finish…? Cordially? No, too formal… Cheers? Too casual maybe… Best regards perhaps? 
I keep on running on a regular basis. I also committed into a run in Sydney in August. It’s a 14k run… Anyway, the run is gonna be beautiful as it goes through the bay. I’m actually looking forward to it!
As I’m a competitor, I’m already thinking of committing into the half marathon in Melbourne in October…
I still experiment in cooking (more or less successfully…). Whoever invented this recipe hasn’t ever eaten a real carrot cake! That’s disgusting! Yuck yuck yuck! This is a blasphemy! A part in me died.
But, more than everything, I’m gonna come back in France in April, YAY!
I’m getting excited at the idea of buying a croissant for 1€ (instead of $4.50!). :D

Bande-son: « Baby I’m yours », Breakbot feat Irfane (ma chanson préférée du moment pour courir !) (my favourite song lately for a run!)

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Lately, I’ve been trying to cut on sugar as I’m pretty addicted…
Do you remember the episode of the Simpsons when Lisa and Bart have an overdose of sugar in London? Well, that’s me.
My pantry is full of dried nuts now (I’m also experimenting a lot in cooking)
I do this in my dreams…
Update from my favorite ice cream shop: the coconut flavour is back, come and say hi!
Come on, ice cream is sacred!

Bande-son : « Everybody’s talkin », Harry Nilsson

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