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Carnet de la Grande Barrière de corail


Je suis enfin allée visiter la Grande Barrière de corail ! Je n’ai hélas pas eu le temps de passer mon baptême de plongée pour aller voir les coraux en pleine mer mais j’ai pu faire du snorkeling et j’en ai vu quand même :)
C’est juste une excuse pour revenir… héhé ! 
I finally visited the Great Barrier reef! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to learn to scuba dive but I did snorkeling and I still saw some corals :)
I guess it’s just an excuse to come back… hehe!

Bande-son : rien :/

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Luang Prabang ou Tintin au Congo

forest-bikini  tissage


Quelques anecdotes de gens qui nous ont (fortement) agacés…
People who don’t respect the local culture.
The ones who think that locals would do anything for them. 10 minutes after the weaving class started… 
The ones who think it’s ok to do acroyoga on the terrace of a restaurant.
A few anecdotes about some people that irritated us (a lot)…

Bande-son : Serial, saison 2

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Luang Prabang…


Certains auront suivi mon périple sur Instagram, d’autres moins. À la fin de l’année, j’ai passé quelques mois en Asie du Sud-Est. À Bangkok en Thaïlande, à Phnom Penh au Cambodge et aussi au Laos. Comme je passe mes journées à dessiner pour le travail, j’ai de moins en moins l’envie de prendre le crayon quand je suis en voyage. Et c’est bien dommage car j’ai toujours mille choses que j’aimerais raconter : des remarques, des anecdotes… mais j’ai une terrible flemme.
De ce voyage au Laos, j’ai gardé des souvenirs visuels assez forts, ce pays est magnifique. Je ne m’attendais pas du tout à voir des montagnes et des paysages aussi verts. Je vais essayer de poster des notes visuelles de ces derniers voyages…
Some people might have been following my journey on Instagram, or not. At the end of the year, I spent the last few months in South East Asia. I went to Bangkok in Thailand, Phnom Penh in Cambodia and also Laos. As I’m spending all day drawing for work, I don’t feel like drawing when I’m on holiday. It’s a shame because I always have thousands of things to tell: some remarks and anecdotes among other things but… I’m so lazy.
From this trip to Laos, I kept some strong visual memories, this country is beautiful. I didn’t expect to see mountains and landscapes that were so green.
In the next posts, I’ll try to include some visual notes from my last trip…

Bande-son : Chilly Gonzales à la bibliothèque de Versailles

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Journal de Bangkok #2


Bande-son : « Elephant », Tame Impala

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Journal de Bangkok #1




Bangkok Diary #1
I’m spending the month Bangkok. Here are few things from the last 2 weeks (non-exhaustive list)…

What I always have in my bag: mosquito repellent, sunscreen, thongs (in case of intense rain), some water, foldable raincoat, some cash baybay, phone with a thai number.
At my first thai boxing class, I came back all bruised… But not anymore, like a boss! On the other hand, I’m still pretty slow at blocking kicks… (like a loser…!)
Minimal vocabulary to survive: hello/sawadeekra, thank you/kropkrounkra, delicious/alloy!
For men, you need to replace kra by krap.
Thai people say kra/krap all the time… (she is advertising for her skewers)
Now I can skip rope for 5 minutes without being out of breath. 
My favorite things from street hawkers: thai coffee (close to the vietnamese one but less strong), coconut juice, pre-cut steamed corn, pineapple, watermelon, dragon fruit or guava.
Walking in the streets of Bangkok is like playing a board game. You never know on which box/tile you are going to end up on (flipping tiles, tiles hidding some sewer juice, broken tiles…).
My tolerance for chilli got better… My mouth is on fire, but I didn’t cry this time!
In Thailand, people like big eyebrows.
My trainers are all younger than me (17, 23…) I feel so old!
That’s all for now!

Bande-son : rien *_*

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